Caching: From Top To Bottom 1

Caching: From Top To Bottom

Caching is a core concept of CS, it is designed and implemented in multiple abstraction layers, CDN, web browser, operating system, CPU and algorithm design.

Let's LeetCode with Fun 2

Let’s LeetCode with Fun

The LeetCode problems are suitable exercises for beginners and intermediate or any programmer who want more proficient at data structures and algorithms. Let’s treat it with fun.

Python strip explained 7

Python strip explained

In Python usually use these functions : strip, lstrip, rstrip for string strip. In this post, I explain the usages of these functions, how these are implemented.

The Best CS Books 9

The Best CS Books

These are the best books on computer science, which worth every programmer to read. This list covers topics of general programming, languages, algorithms, system, networking.